Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pictures of the Progression

I have decided to post all of the progression pictures from the painting here so you can view them side by side. I am also going to be posting pictures at the bottom of me working on the painting!! I have a great new art project coming up and it is TOP SECRET!!! I will give you a few hints as to what it might be! It is going to be a huge project and Sam is going to have to help. It will be in my home when it is completed!!! I am so very excited about this!! I can't wait to reveal it!! Once I get "elbow deep" into it I will post pictures!!! Until then, you can only guess!!! =) =)

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!
I love you all!!

First Sunday

Second Sunday (This was the day the artists didn't touch the painting, the red paint was put there by IV during the message.)

Third Sunday after 1st service (This was when Melody had started her top half, I had yet to start on my bottom half)

Third Sunday (This was what Melody and I had both done after all three services on the third Sunday)

Fourth Sunday---The finished painting.

These are close ups of my half of the canvas.

Here are some pictures of me working on the canvas on the fourth Sunday.

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