Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Miracle

Nine years ago today God reached down into my life and the chain of events that happened changed the person I was and would forever be. Peyton came into my world. I could never find the words to express how I feel for her. She is by far my miracle. It still amazes me when I stop and think that I actually grew something that incredible inside of me! Today I celebrate nine wonderful amazing years having her by my side. I never knew love until I became a mother. She is my reason for being. My reason for living, for pursuing life head on with every bit of passion I have down inside of me. She is the reason I get up on the days I feel like staying down, the reason I push myself that extra mile when I am in the hospital and feel like there is no way out. She is my hope, my love, and my inspiration. She makes life fun, interesting and that much sweeter. God looked down upon my life nine years ago and saw that I needed a reason to live. She is it. She is the reason I fight. She is incredible in so many ways. She......is my purpose. =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Life has been coming at us fast. We spent Thanksgiving in Tennessee which is always amazing. I feel blessed that I have in laws that I am absolutely crazy about. Sam's family is an extension of him. I love each and every one of them. Now Christmas is right around the corner and we are coming into a new year. WOW! Where does the time go? My little one will be turning nine next week. It is not easy for me. We moved her room last week into her playroom and cleaned out all of her toys, and things she doesn't play with anymore. She now wants Bath and Body Works and cds and big girl things. Ahhhhh........It was a bit emotional for me going through some of her things as I packed them for storage. I ran across her bear that hung on the door at the hospital the day she was born and the past nine years just came flooding back to me. She is growing so fast and is every bit of amazing that I could have ever dreamed of. She is beautiful, smart and funny. When I count my blessings I count her a hundred times over, for I was surely blessed when God chose me to be her mother.

With the new year brings new things our way. We are planning on painting several rooms as soon as the first of the year passes. My health is proving to hold out very well this holiday season! THANK YOU GOD! It is always nice to breathe easy during the holidays. We were blessed by some of Sam's family over Thanksgiving with a treadmill!!!! It has been incredible! I have been walking every day and coughing tons afterwards. I have noticed my endurance has been building. Today when we left Peyton's Christmas party at her school I was able to walk down the street to where Sam had parked the car, instead of him having to go get it and picking me up. It was really nice. The cooler air really helps. It is amazing to feel amazing. THANK YOU GOD! I am sure I still have suffering in my future, struggles and hurdles, yet today was a good day and I take it a day at a time. So THANK YOU GOD!

I have been so inspired these past few weeks. Art has been pouring out of me left and right. I have been finishing projects that were once put off and starting new ones all the same. It has felt really good. I decided to get crafty the other night around 10 pm. HAHA I made our Christmas cards. I was very pleased with them. I have been looking in the stores and found nothing that matched our personalities. We waited too late to order the traditional picture cards that we usually get. So I had the notecards here from a previous project and decided to do them. It took about two hours to make 36 cards. I, of course, think they turned out fabulous. I hand painted abstract Christmas trees on the front of each one, red on half of them and green on the other half. Then just wrote a simple Merry Christmas on the inside. I am considering doing this every year from now on, coming up with a different design each year. I want them to be abstract, modern and simple. The possibilities are endless, I could do gifts, ornaments, Santa, or even elves. I do believe I will start this project earlier in the year however so when Christmas arrives it will be one less thing on my list to do.The front of my Christmas cards. I took the picture of them both together to show the green and red. =)
The inside.

Sam opened his Christmas gift from me. He couldn't wait. It was a Dremel tool. Yeah doesn't sound very exciting. But it is. He can now carve funky designs into wood. He is really excited as so am I. Sam is an artist is his own way. His dad paints but painting bores Sam. He loves power tools though. I can't wait to see what he makes. He is asking for a pottery wheel for his birthday so I am going to be doing research on that one between now and April.

This is all of the Welch household news for now. I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday!! Love you all!!

Oh yeah World Peace and all of that Hippie Jive. =)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Sam I Am Is I Was Me"

On this day one year ago, I was up running around, making sure every last detail was perfect. I was by far, a complete mess. My stomach had "butterflies", my heart sat in my throat like a huge lump and emotional wouldn't even begin to describe the state I was in. I was about to join with Sam as one person. Sam was and still is my best friend. So I thought what better way to celebrate today than to write about him.

I met Sam almost four years ago through a mutual friend. He was this incredible little ball of energy. He was facing many demons at the time, yet he had this enormous heart. He was so friendly and just a blessing to be around. People were naturally attracted to him. When he walked in the room, everyone was drawn to his electric personality. At that time I never imagined I was looking at the man God had created just for me.

Sam and I started Epic together literally when they first opened the doors. After being there for maybe a month, Sam was asked to join the Tech team. He absolutely loved it. Before Epic, Sam had never been exposed to church. Me, on the other hand, had been in and out of church my entire life. Everything was so new to him. It was amazing watching him grow spiritually. Sam is and has been completely sold out to the Epic vision since day one. Sam is a volunteer on the Dream Team at Epic. He has been showing up every Sunday for the past two years and every single time stays for all three services, sometimes working them by himself. Even when I go in the hospital, he will stay with me on Saturday night and then wake up around 5 am on Sunday and drive home just to make it to service. He has a drive that is unbelievable. Sometimes I have no clue how he does it. It by far is a passion for him. Sam was baptized for the first time in his life ever this year at Epic. It was such an emotional experience for me. I believe each of us has a story. Sams is truly one that will blow you away. To know where he came from, the path he was on, and where he stands today is a true testament to God's mercy and love.

He supports me and he loves me. He goes to work for us each week so he can provide everything we need. He goes above and beyond at work, doing extras for the doctors and his coworkers. Most of the time things that go unnoticed, but he continues doing them anyway. He gives God all the glory and takes none for himself, which to me blows my mind daily.

We have such a unique marriage because I am sick. Sam stepped into my life, knowing the hardships that were to come and loves me completely and fully each day anyway. On the days I can't get out of bed, he helps me. He never once complains. When I feel like crying and screaming because I can't quit coughing, he holds me as tight as he can. There are days it feels like he literally breathes for me. He gets out of bed on his only days off and takes Peyton to school so I don't have to. He hired a housekeeper so I wouldn't be stressed and feel inadequate from not being able to handle all of the housework. When I go to the hospital, he stays every single night possible with me, holding my hand and pushing me along the way to get better. He has been there with me when I am coughing up blood and not sure what the future is going to bring for me. He completely supports me with the book I am writing. He is so patient never hurrying me to finish it, knowing I will finish it in my own time. There have been several times when I have been sick and because of the physical limited activity I could do he carried me on his back when he noticed I was taking short breaths. He loves my daughter as if she were his own. He has told me time and time again, he truly believes God created her with him in mind, even though he wasn't in the picture at the time. He is a man of God. It isn't something he tells you, it is just something that radiates off of him.

It is an honor to get to walk beside him in this life. I truly believe that God created us for each other. That our story together was planned long before we ever imagine. He is me and I am him. His victories are my victories and his defeats are my defeats. He is everything I dreamed of as a little girl and more. I love his drive to be productive and adore his heart that wants to help those in need. He never meets a stranger. He always has a smile. He is truly my best friend. I am overwhelmed today as I look back at our journey thus far, for I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkins and Life

It is that time of year once again. The air is cooler and everything that was once green is now beginning to turn beautiful tones of reds, yellows and oranges. This is by far Sam's favorite time of the year. We have all of the Halloween decorations up and ready. I must say, we have more Halloween decorations than any other family I know. This year we pulled 3 giant plastic tubs and four big boxes out of storage, as well as Sam's favorite, his black Christmas tree with a skull base. Yes Halloween is near. We usually celebrate this time of year with several trips to haunted houses. The rain has held us up quite a bit however we plan on venturing out this weekend, rain or not. The rain has put a damper on our holiday cheer. I know I talk of Halloween like it is Christmas. You must understand to my husband, it is exactly like that, if not better. He absolutely adores Halloween. We definitely take it a step further than the typical family. I must say, it does feel somewhat like I am a member of the Addams family at times. It is all in good fun though.

I do wish the rain would stop. I have just about made the decision to build an ark. Our yard is a mess and I don't even know when we will be able to cut the grass again. At this rate, not anytime soon. Of course since the weather has been nasty, it is soccer season. Those usually fall together. Peyton is playing her second year. She loves it so much. I never realized she was going to be a little athlete. She is so good and is one of the fastest runners on her team. She scored the first goal of the first game of the season this year. She did the same thing last year. At her last game, I asked her to help carry our folding chairs. After she strapped one over her shoulder I realized how small she looked, so I offered to carry them both. She looked at me and said, "Mom, I can handle it, I am a soccer player, not a ballerina." Haha I love her so much.

The month of October leaves us many things to celebrate. Our one year anniversary is on October 25th. It is so exciting to know it is right around the corner!! I completely and totally adore Sam more now than I did on the day I married him. The two of us work so well together. We have built our marriage around the foundation of God's word and that helps so much. We both firmly believe that when we were married we were joined together as one flesh. We do have struggles from time to time however we work together daily as a team. It is more evident now than it has ever been that he is who I dreamed of as a little girl. Some days, I wake up and look at the life I am living and think to myself, how did I ever get so lucky? God truly saw fit to bless me immensely.

We are leaving November 1st for Severville, Tn. We are staying in the exact same cabin we stayed in last year for our honeymoon. We will be gone 7 days and six nights.Our cabin is located on the peak of a mountain with a breathtaking view. We are both like kids on Christmas morning...counting down the days. We CANNOT wait!!!! I will be sure to post up pictures.

We have been so blessed these past few months. God has by far been at work in our lives and we are so thankful. Life is good. =)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kreativ Blog Award

Miss Katey gave me this blog award. Katey and I share a common bond, as we both have Cystic Fibrosis. Katey is a transplant patient. Her story is a true inspiration and full of hope for those yet to take that step. I encourage each of you to go to her blog and read her incredible story.

Katey, thank you for being a beacon for God's light and allowing us to be a part of your journey. =)

Here are the rules for the award:

Thank the person who nominated you.
Copy and paste the logo on your blog.
Link the nominator on your blog.
Name seven things about yourself.
Nominate seven "kreativ bloggers".
Post links to the nominated blogs.
Leave a comment on each of the blogs

Ok..so here are 7 things about me...
1. I have the most beautiful, incredible, amazing little girl. I am amazed that God found me worthy enough to be her mother. My pregnancy with her was hard. Doctors told me it could result badly. Yet she is here, perfect and healthy and will be celebrating nine wonderful years this year!

2. I attend Epic. It is more than just a building or a church to me. I truly believe Epic is making a movement in the city of Decatur. I have a huge passion to stay with Epic and see it through until the end. It was through their love and acceptance that I came to know the true spirit of Jesus.

3. I am married to the most amazing man ever. He loves life and loves God. It is a blessing to walk this life with him. I never knew what the true bond of marriage was until we were married. I truly feel as if we are bonded, flesh and spirit as one, just as God intended for man and woman to be.

4. My parents are my backbone. My Daddy has been everything a little girl dreams her Daddy to be. He set the standard high for any man that come into my life. He taught me to love wholeheartedly and to keep pushing forward. My Mother taught me to have my own opinions and to always stand for something. She instilled values of self worth , confidence, and self respect deep into the very spirit of who I am.

5. I have Cystic Fibrosis, however it does not define who I am.

6. I have a purpose, a will and a way. God has revealed to me that I am here to glorify His name. He is the Alpha and Omega. He shows me daily that there is no dark corner that he cannot see into. When life gets big, He proves to be bigger.

7. If I were to be completely honest, I would say for the very first time in my life I am living in a beautiful disaster and I am truly, deep down, from the bottom of my heart, inside my soul happy and it feels wonderful.

I nominate the following 7 "kreative" bloggers:
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Heather @ Shake It
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pictures of the Progression

I have decided to post all of the progression pictures from the painting here so you can view them side by side. I am also going to be posting pictures at the bottom of me working on the painting!! I have a great new art project coming up and it is TOP SECRET!!! I will give you a few hints as to what it might be! It is going to be a huge project and Sam is going to have to help. It will be in my home when it is completed!!! I am so very excited about this!! I can't wait to reveal it!! Once I get "elbow deep" into it I will post pictures!!! Until then, you can only guess!!! =) =)

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!
I love you all!!

First Sunday

Second Sunday (This was the day the artists didn't touch the painting, the red paint was put there by IV during the message.)

Third Sunday after 1st service (This was when Melody had started her top half, I had yet to start on my bottom half)

Third Sunday (This was what Melody and I had both done after all three services on the third Sunday)

Fourth Sunday---The finished painting.

These are close ups of my half of the canvas.

Here are some pictures of me working on the canvas on the fourth Sunday.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


The finished painting.

We finished up our "Canvas" series last week at Epic. I must start out by saying WOW! This series really moved something deep inside of me. Last week we talked about God's Glory. This meant so much to me. Most people live thinking about what if. What if I got sick? What if I lost my house? What if, what if, what if. However I...I live in the what if. I am sick. I have a genetic lung disease. To make it even crazier I just learned recently what my genotype was. A genotype is the type of gene I have that actually created Cystic Fibrosis in my body. My genotype is rare. To even get deeper into my genotype.....I learned that there is ONE mutation in my genotype that causes my Cystic Fibrosis. Most people have hundreds of mutations.....therefore causing it harder to find a cure for those types of genes. However mine only has one. This was exciting news, yet at the same time, it really made me reflect. There is one tiny little mutation that kept me from being normal....from being well.....from being like everyone else. Yet God saw fit for that one mutation to exist. This news was very bittersweet to me, as I am sure you can tell. So close to have having a life completely free of disease. That was not God's plan though. That was not what was painted into my canvas. Instead I have red paint in the middle of my canvas. Sometimes it makes me stand out among others, sometimes it makes life a little different from those around me, but all in all it is mine, my canvas, my life, and it is precious to me. Several years ago I learned to start giving God glory...and not just when things were going well. It makes me think of the song by Casting Crowns, "I Will Praise You in this Storm". That sums up my life. When I can no longer breathe on my own, when I no longer can depend on my body to carry me any further, that is when I will stretch my hands to the sky and praise God like I never have. My suffering brings me closer to God. It is through my disease that I have come to have a relationship with God like no other relationship I have with anyone else in my life. It is through this I have come to know a love so powerful that even time cannot touch it...for it is an eternity of love. My body is broken. It will let me down. That I am sure of. Each one of us will encounter death at some point. Our bodies are not meant to carry us all the way. However my body may be broken, my spirit is not. God gave me the spirit of a fighter. That is where His glory is.....in the fight. I have such a strong will to live, to move forward, it would take an army to stop me. God is always there, pushing me forward, moving my feet when I am tired, breathing air into my lungs when I can't, and holding my head up so I don't miss a single second of this incredible journey. It sounds so amusing to think of it. I stand 5'1 and on a good day weigh 120 pounds and I have the face of a child. Yet I truly consider myself a warrior. Life is not bad. I am actually very blessed, and seem to find myself sick less and less. Yet through health, sickness, and everything else I give God all the glory. If not for Him and His immense love for me and for all of us , I would not make it out of bed every morning, I would not be able to take care of Peyton, I would not even be able to set here three months out of the hospital typing this blog to you. He is the reason I breathe. I understand I don't always get to be well. I have to be sick sometimes. That is part of my canvas, my story, my life. Yet I trust His will and His way. Who knows me better than my Creator??? Who knows more about what I need and don't need?? I pray daily that He breaks me down and uses me so that I can serve Him. My life has to have holes in it for His light to shine through. Being sick is never easy for me. It is never something I will get use to. However knowing that even one person could see God and His true glory just by hearing my story or seeing my life makes every single second of it worth it. Every hospital stay, every blood draw at 2 am, every time I ever cough up blood...it is all worth it. He takes every negative in my life and turns it into something positive. How amazing is that?? I am not a preacher or a saint. I am just a woman with a divine love for my Creator. I am blessed that He opens my mind daily and feeds me more understanding each step of the way. It makes me have to stop and say through all the disease and suffering, life is truly beautiful.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Am Not, But I Know I Am

I promise to blog on this really soon. However I know so many of you are wanting to see the progress. So I am posting a picture now and will return to blog later on. My work is in the lower right hand corner under the slash through the middle. The top part is Melody. =) We decided to divide the canvas last Sunday and work on our own sections. It is really neat to see how it is coming along and ties in together!! This Sunday I will be painting ALL three services! So please pray for me!! I have to run now, but promise to blog later!!! Be sure to check back for the update! You don't want to miss this blog! The title says it all!! =)


In the book of Exodus, inside the story of Moses and the burning bush, for the first time in recorded history, God tells us His name. Moses asks when I come to the children of Israel and they ask what is Your name, what do I say to them?? God replies, "I AM WHO I AM". God tells Moses to say to the children of Israel, I AM has sent me to you. (Exodus 3:13-15)

This was our message for the third week of "Canvas",I am not, but I know I Am. It takes us out of the picture and puts God in the picture. God wanted us to know His name and it is I AM. Since His name is I Am, our name is I Am Not. Who is going to take care of us? I AM When life gets hard and we want to give in, who is going to stand beside us to make sure we pull through?? I AM Who is going to be a father to my child?? I AM Who is going to take care of me when I am sick?? I AM Who is going to make sure we are fed?? I AM Who is going to love me?? I AM The list just goes on and on. IV explained this beautifully. It was what has been my favorite message in all the history of Epic.

Now the artwork. It has been very intense for me as this message has progressed. I have had to take myself out of the canvas and put God in. It has not been easy. Being sick, the focus has always been on my health, my entire life. Everyone I love around me is constantly watching and waiting for me to conquer my health. So often I pray to God, please make me well, please heal me, I know you can do it, please. However that is not making it about Him. My disease, although it doesn't overpower me, it still exists. Something I have learned in the past few years is my purpose for being sick. I don't believe I am sick by luck of the draw. It isn't an accident. Everything in His plan is perfect. There are no defects. God makes no mistakes......not even the scar on my lip. =)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Messing Up God's Plan

(*Note* I will be posting a blog soon with pictures of the progress from yesterday. I just really wanted to blog on this. God layed it on my heart. I hope you guys think about it for the next few days and it speaks to you in some way. Love you all!)

As most of you know from my previous post, I was out of town the second Sunday of Canvas. As I also posted earlier, the decision was made to leave the artwork freestanding, untouched for all three services. I finally was able to grab the message on CD that I missed that Sunday as well as see the canvas again. I was in for quiet a shock. As I turned the corner into Epic, I immediately noticed something horrible was wrong with the canvas. To my disbelief there had been red paint slung all in the middle of our beautiful art. The art was finally taking a direction and it was so exciting to see where it was going!! Yet there stood this giant piece of canvas I had been pouring my heart and soul into for the past two weeks, praying over, dreaming about, ruined. I was stunned, speechless. There were no words to express my emotions. I had a lump in my throat that felt the size of Texas. Someone in passing must have noticed me standing motionless in a gaze of fear and came to my side. They told me what had happened. They said I needed to listen to the message. The message. Hmmm....I had not heard it yet. I was suddenly so eager to hear what excitement I had missed. So I grabbed up one of the recordings and quickly ran to my jeep and played it in my CD player. It sounded so usual at first, IV coming on, welcoming everyone to Epic. Then he started speaking about God's masterpiece. The masterpiece He paints daily in our every day lives when we are so busy and unaware. I could hear him picking up the paint brush and then it happened. I heard the red paint slide onto the painting Melody and I had worked on. He told of how our sin and our plans for our lives ruins God's masterpiece. My heart was breaking. No longer was it because our artwork had a runny red glob in the middle, instead because I understood exactly what he was saying. Our artwork is no where near comparable to the masterpieces God paints every single day, however I knew just a teeny weensy bit, on a very smaller scale how God must feel everytime I say no to Him. The times He has already painted it in my life. It is already there, and I am busy trying to paint it in myself. What a mess I must look standing with all of that runny red paint on me in the middle of his beautiful artwork. I was touched. Something deep in my soul was awakened with this new understanding. I have always been one who loves everything life has to offer. The beauty and the chaos. I never take simple things for granted. Like the color of green the grass is after a hot summer Alabama rain. Or the way my daughter stares out the window while we are driving like she knows some big dark unkown secret. Or the way the sun shines on just the right spot of my yard at just the right time of day. Yet I now realize even though I take in every second of every moment that I am blessed with, how often do I find myself "telling" God how I think things should be. The perfect example.....Cystic Fibrosis. How many times a day do I say, you know, God I need you to do this, this is what needs to happen, I need to be well. Instead of trusting that God is the artist, and is painting something so unimaginable, so breathtaking that not I, nor you could ever even begin to wrap our minds around it. He knows the next brush stroke. He knows what I need and what I do not need. I think I need to be well, however He thinks I need to be sick. So this leads me to another idea, maybe the red paint, maybe it isn't always things that we do in our lives. Maybe sometimes it is misfortune, or illness that we stumble into with no fault of our own. But I ask you this....without the red paint, how beautiful would the world be?? If I was well, I cannot tell you where I would be today. I cannot tell you that I would notice the shades of the sky on a late afternoon, or the way the gravel crunches under my feet as I walk the trail between my dad's house and mine. I may not ever notice how beautiful it is to pull into Epic every Sunday morning, and see the most incredible people that I have ever met in my life. And to know they are all on my side, praying for me, and hoping and watching for my health to get better right along side of me. I may never notice the kindness of a smile. If I were well, things may swim past me so fast in a sudden blur. I would be left with the rest of society waiting to realize how beautiful and sudden this life is at an old age when I was wrinkled and tired. If that is how I see the red paint in my life, then I welcome it. Because even when there is red paint, there is also new beginnings. New beginnings for our lives. God can step in and paint over every last single stroke until all the red is gone. He can make it a masterpiece, His masterpiece. So I say to you today, no one is perfect. We as a human race will constantly struggle with messing up God's plan. We will always be red paint. Thank GOD we have a Savior who died for us, to make it right. Because I would HATE to know that I was actually in charge of what is going on around me. The one thing I have learned in my 26 years, sick or not, when I do things without God, all I end up with is a big red mess.

Monday, July 13, 2009

In Progress

30 Then Moses said to the Israelites, "See, the LORD has chosen Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, 31 and he has filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts- 32 to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver and bronze, 33 to cut and set stones, to work in wood and to engage in all kinds of artistic craftsmanship. 34 And he has given both him and Oholiab son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan, the ability to teach others.

Exodus 35:30-34 (New International Version)

We went to Tennessee this weekend to visit Sam's family. It is always amazing to be able to see them. Our adventures were many and our laughter was much. However I will have to write of it another time. As of right now I am simply just posting a picture of the painting we are working on in "Canvas" I actually missed Epic yesterday because of our trip. The painting was left untouched, and just stood during service in the spotlight. I have yet to hear the message. So I am going to leave a picture I took earlier in the week of our work so far along with a passage from the Bible that I found. This is truly what I am praying for during this series. I want God to use me as a beacon for his light. The work I am doing on the painting is His, not mine.

Peace and Love

Monday, July 6, 2009


We started a new series "Canvas" at church Sunday. It will run for the next three weeks. During the series the church has purchased an 8x4 (Yeah it's huge!) piece of canvas and set it on an easel to the right of the stage. There it sits spotlighted for the entire service. During the Praise and Worship, which lasts about 20 minutes at the beginning of service we have an artist come out and paint on the canvas, very abstract. We have three services for a total of three artists. No one knows what the outcome will be, not even the artists themselves. They are letting the message and God drive them towards the end result each Sunday. What I have yet to say is, I am one of those artists. I paint during the second service at 11 am. Yesterday was the first day and it was fabulous! I have been intensely praying about this project ever since I was asked to come on board last week. This was a spur of the moment idea our Pastor had so the artists were chosen at last minute. I have been painting for 13 years. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, and I have never had the experience that I had yesterday with my art. This is a lot of firsts for me. It is my first time to paint in front of a LIVE audience. I thought I would be so nervous. But actually I prayed for peace and did God ever give it to me!!! It was like the audience wasn't there at all. It was me and my Savior and the music! Everything else just seemed to fall away. I was in my element. It just felt really comfortable for me. It was my first time to paint with other artists. Although we are not painting at the same time, we are building off of each other's work, which was liberating for me. I was a nervous wreck about it. I was so afraid of painting over someone else's work. But that isn't what we are doing at all. We are building on something. Layers upon layers. After the first artist was finished yesterday morning, someone had already offered a lot of money for the piece, and it was just a base coat! How awesome is that!! The church is going to auction it off when we are finished. I think if it goes at a good price we should do several. We are wanting to build a new building for our church, since we are growing so fast. I think that would be an awesome way to raise money and contribute towards that goal. It was also my first time to paint to Wojo. Wojo is our Pastor's best friend from Vegas. Him and his family are visiting from Vegas. Wojo performed the opening song. It was so easy to paint to him!! I could not have asked for a better opening!! I feed off of music when I do my art, and man did he have something to feed off of! He opened with acoustic and I loved it!!!! Wojo is this great big man covered in tattoos with curly hair. Our Pastor met him at a church out in Vegas when they lived there for a short period of time. I met Wojo for the very first time Saturday night at our Pastor's house for our Youth 4th of July celebration. How to describe Wojo.....hmmmm. You know how you meet someone and they look like they could kill someone, just have enormous strength, but wouldn't hurt a fly?? Okay that is Wojo. Not to mention he has the coolest name ever. Like seriously...I am thinking future baby name here. Seriously. On meeting him, I instantly felt the kindness of his spirit. He is just so peaceful. We stood together behind the curtain waiting to go out for the service yesterday morning. I noticed you can just feel his spirit. He is a man of God. Very amazing. I heard so much positive feedback about his performance yesterday!! People were saying they wished he would move here and be our Praise and Worship Leader. It is so awesome to be able to paint LIVE for the first time ever while listening to him play for the FIRST time ever. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I have been praying over this series. I have prayed that God comes through me onto the canvas. The point is to realize God is the artist in our lives, painting an amazing masterpiece. I had been praying so hard for everyone in the audience to get something out of this. What I had not realized was what I was going to get out of it. God is doing amazing works in my life. He is the GRAND ARTIST and my life is the paint. How breathtaking is that?? Yesterday before I went out, as I stood behind the curtain with Wojo, I started coughing. Coughing a lot. Sometimes when I get anxious I cough. I know it sounds crazy but it is true. I just said this quick two second prayer in my head, God please, not now. Countdown was up, I come around the corner of the curtain and positioned myself in front of the canvas, a metaphor for our lives. I picked up a paint brush and grabbed my rag and began. Instantly the itching in my chest dissolved. God answered my prayer. What seemed like such a small prayer to so many, is such a big prayer for me. How often do I close my eyes, and say God, please, not now. But when the coughing stopped only seconds before I walked out, it was like God whispered deep into my chest, "Yes, Summer, now." Not now for coughing, not now for hospitals, not now for being sick, but instead now for painting, now for worship, now for serving, now for peace. I have learned with every stop in this life there is a go. A stop to be sick and a go to be well. I must say that I do believe that I am going to take away from this experience more than I ever imagined. God is the artist of my life. He is in control, and how awesome is that!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tennessee Again

Right before we left to go the show!!

I am having a difficult time with this blog. I have been trying to use it as a daily journal of sorts, however I am a writer. I simply cannot write as if I am speaking. So therefore, from now on I have decided with a few exceptions of updates on our trips and whatnot s, I am going to be using this blog in the same way I have ever used any blog...as an outlet. So here is a bit about our trip we just took. Check back often for new writings of mine to be posted. =)

Me and Houston (Josh's Brother)

Lately we find ourselves in Tennessee a very good bit. Which is fine with me. In my opinion, there is nothing better than fresh mountain air. This trip was made because Sam played at the Coconut Bay again. For those of you who are not aware, my husband, Sam, is a DJ. He started played around nine years ago I believe. Of course this is not his job. He actually works in Neurology for a company called Drs4Drs. Being a DJ is just something he does in his spare time. The music he plays would be listed as Techno. While it is not my favorite music to listen to, he has won me over with several Bob Marley remixes. =)
Sam and Andy, one of his really long time friends. They cheered together at United.

We left on Monday unsure of where exactly we were going to stay for the night. We were torn between getting a hotel room and staying with Sam's friends. They too are also DJs. We decided on staying with a friend after all, Josh, to be exact. Monday night we went to the local Mellow Mushroom to hang out with several friends. I, myself, fell in love with the Hummus they serve there. Who would have ever known that a Greek favorite would have been so delicious in a pizza place!?!? It was FABULOUS!! I even ordered some to go!!!
Josh(Str8 A) The Grill Master himself!! =)

Tuesday was the day of the show, so as always, it proves to be a busy day for us. We ran several errands, which seemed to end up taking most of the day. We were all anticipating Tuesday night so it was fine to kill the time. Tuesday night we all met up at Josh's house and grilled out with a lot of friends, actually several new people to me. The food was incredible. I have to completely give credit to Josh for knowing how to "work the grill".
Chas(with his eyes closed!), Me, Houston, Holly and BJ

After dinner we all headed out to "the Bay" or Coconut Bay. The opening DJ was a woman named Gina. She played mostly hip hop. Sam's set was next. (His DJ name is Omni.) His entire set was Deadmau5. I was really glad he picked those. They sound great turned up loud. Then Josh(Str8 A) went on and finally Kyle (K House) played. At midnight when Kyle finished his set, they asked Sam to go back on, which was really really cool. Sam as "Omni"

Kyle as K House =)

The crowd loving it!!! (This wasn't even half of them!!)

I had a really great time. It was outside on the patio so that was better for me, since EVERYONE was smoking. I don't drink, with the exception of an occasional glass of red wine. So it is always interesting for me to be sober and watch everyone else around me not be. Sam drinks scotch, but not heavily. So it is always like we are in a twilight zone when we are around a large crowd that is completely wasted. Ha ha. But we do enjoy it. Close to the end of the night I realized there was more than drinking going on. There were several people there that were rolling. Which just blew me away!! Coconut Bay is a restaurant/bar type of place. I just never imagined seeing people on ecstasy there. It is really disheartening for us. The techno scene, because of the history of raves, has a really really negative reputation. A reputation that we hate. Everyone thinks because my husband listens to Techno then he MUST do acid and all of those other crazy things. While Sam did have a time of experimentation he is now a man of God. I really believe God is leading him slowly to do a ministry through his talent. It is such a huge chance for him to be able to tell his story with drug addiction and possibly help others in the scene as well. He actually signed with a manager a week ago!! Very exciting!! His manager is our Youth Pastor at our church. However you may not believe that when you see him. He is a giant man, no hair, covered in tattoos and has a "metal" beard. Ha ha. He is pretty awesome. He has been working in promotion for a really long time. I am really excited about him promoting Sam to regular venues and also Christian ones as well!!! This could be Sam's calling!! =)
Sam ha ha ha dancing of course!

Oh me, I do believe I have been rambling!! We ended up skipping the after party and staying with Kyle Tuesday night and returned home yesterday!!!

Tuesday night turned out to be a true success for the guys. The best part about it is, Kyle and Sam learned together years ago, and Josh followed in a few years later. They all three cheered together at some point and are truly best friends. This was their very first time to play out live together!! So it was really special! The crowd was loving it! I really believe it is because these guys have such great chemistry together and are friends off of the stage. It really makes a difference!! All three...Josh(Str8A), Kyle(K House) and Sam(Omni)

I am posting up some pictures and then I have to run! We are also heading into Tennessee again this weekend for Sam's family reunion!! I CANNOT wait!! I LOVE his family! I will post pictures when we get back from that as well! I hope everyone is well!! Remember to check back for original writings!!!
Me at the end of the night!! It was sooo incredibly hot!!!!!
Love you all!! =)

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Boro

I love floating around the pool on a hot summer day. It makes me so happy.

We are packing and getting ready to leave this afternoon for Murfreesboro, Tennessee. That is where most of Sam's friends live. He is playing a show tomorrow night at the Coconut Bay. It should be fun. I usually sit at a table and sip on water all night, while everyone else drinks heavily and gets silly. Ha ha. They are all really great people though and we hate we do not get to see them more often!!This is an old picture of me...well a few years ago at least. But it seemed fitting for the rant I am about to give that I would like to insert mini title...."For the Love of Steroids" =)

On a health note...gah I HATE talking about being sick!! I am not sick right now! Yay! But...yeah there is always a but. I am tight in my chest and wheezing. I am having asthma symptoms. I told the resident last time I was in (and my Dr.) about all of this. They just increased my Advair. I really think I need a pack of steroids. I took steroids last summer for the first time in years!! It isn't something I like doing. So you know if I am ASKING to take them, then I really feel like I need them. It is just a pack and it only lasts for like five to six days. I felt so much better last summer when I took them. That may just be the fix I need again. So I am giving myself until Wednesday, and if nothing better, then I am going to call the clinic and have them call them in.

It is so funny how when you are sick you almost become good at it?!? Like I am a professional sick person. I am a lot of other things as well. And Cystic Fibrosis is just a small part of my life, but when I get sick, or start feeling bad, it is like I know what meds to prescribe myself. I have been doing this for so long and I know my body so well by this point that I know what works and what doesn't. It is really crazy.

How blessed am I??? Is she not breathtaking!!! Gah I love this kid!

Life is good though. Peyton is gone to the beach with my aunt and uncle. I miss her so much!!! She will be back on Thursday. Then on Friday we leave back out again for Tennessee!!! I love being out of town though. It is so fun to see other places...even if they aren't far. I use to want to travel the world and as I would love to still do so one day, I came to realize that there are places right here around me that I have yet to even see!!! So I want to see those before I move farther out on the map! =)

Epic yesterday was so amazing!! Our pastor told the story about Ester. I love hearing those stories. He has such a way to make them come to life for me. God's presence is by far in that place. I always leave feeling like a new person......and most importantly loved.

God is so amazing. To Him I give complete and total glory to the blessings that have been delivered upon me during my journey. It's like blowing an FEV1 of 27% but never needing oxygen and being able to run laps!!! Only in the hospital twice last year!! WOW!! God is clearly at work in my life. He is not finished with me yet!!! I have to thank Him for today and every day here after. On most days I truly feel like a walking miracle!!!! =)

I am going to post some pictures simply because I LOVE blog with pictures!!!

I hope everyone is well and happy!!
Love you all!! =)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We had a wonderful trip to Tennessee last week. We went down on Tuesday for Sam's set at the Coconut Bay. The crowd really turned out and we had a blast. Wednesday night we hit a club in Nashville for the Deadmau5 show. It was very interesting to say the least. Deadmau5 is a DJ that wears a giant mouse head as he spins. He had two different heads with him Wednesday night. Very neat. On Thursday we rode into Chattanooga to stay with Sam's parents. We always enjoy seeing them and never really feel as if we get to stay long enough. We woke up on Friday to celebrate Sam's 26th birthday and drove home!! It was a great trip but as always, there is no place like home!

Hope all is well with everyone!