Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Starbucks Philosophy

***I actually wrote this from the hospital on Feb. 11, 2009. I am home now and doing well. Hope you all enjoy.***

After having much time to ponder on all the greatness of life and wonders of our nation, I have decided that they can all be summed up with one word...Starbucks.
We are such an insanely Starbucks driven society. The logo, smell, and taste has almost become a staple for us in our every day busy lives. I for one highly contribute to this madness. During my stay at UAB, I make many stops into the Starbucks located here in the hospital to retrieve what I like to call my "comfort in a cup". It wasn't until yesterday the whole Starbucks metephor came to mind. As I stopped in for my usual cup of wonder, I noticed right away something so familiar and so unbelievably overwhelming as soon as I walked through the door. The warm smell that filled my nose and in an instant I was carried back home. The thoughts of holiday shopping, running daily errands and weekly worship flooded my mind at once. I walked over to the counter and began to place my order, "tall caramel mocha, with both caramel and mocha drizzle". As I stood and waited for my greatness to reach me, more thoughts began to flood my mind. I began to watch those around me and took in their little coffee house experience as well. You could see them coming, nurses, doctors, patients, and visitors, running towards the door, they too brought their hurried stride down to a calmer more focused walk as soon as they come under the frame of the doors. It was almost as if a spell so heavily sedated in magic had overcome them instantly. It seemed our surroundings were hypnotizing us all. The jazz music coming from up above, the lights setting an amber glow across the shop, and then of course the wonderful amazing smell of warm coffee. Each detail taking us back to a wonderful memory, bringing us back time and time again to...... Starbucks. Those wonderful memories we wanted so desperately to cling to. Truly that is how life is. It is almost as if we never completely have new experiences, for every "new" experience is bathed in past experiences. It is how we judge situations and learn what we enjoy and come to know what we truly love the most. It is amazing the knowledge you discover when you just sit still and take in every single thing around you. When you allow yourself to become a live wire and just let life move
through you. To think of all the undiscovered philosophical ideas that still await us and can be found in such a place as Starbucks.
As I let these new findings sink in today I thank God for giving me the ability to go through this life with my eyes wide open. I wouldn't want to miss one detail of this beautiful disaster we are living in.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I am going to be able to go home next week!!! =) =) =)
I am so excited!! Tomorrow, Jason is bringing Peyton to see me!! I can not believe I am going to get to see her!! It has been ten days today since I saw her last. I can not wait to hold her. I absolutely adore that little girl.
I am doing great. My numbers are up and I am feeling back to normal. I am doing the full 14 day stay just so I get cleaned out really well and don't have to worry about coming back anytime soon. Afterall I only came in twice last year and I would really hate to break my record!! =)

My mother came by yesterday and brought her friend Gina. It is always so nice to see someone from home. Sam is going to be stopping by this afternoon on his way through. I miss him and Peyton more every day.
In the end this is all worth it. If I have to take a few weeks every now and then to make sure I have more time with the people I love it is worth every second!!!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am currently in the hospital at UAB. Things are going good so far. It has only been one day and I already feel better. I came in extremely dehydrated and had to be given fluids over night. Today I have felt much better and I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that I am now hydrated!! =) Being away from Peyton is never easy. She gets tossed around a bit while I am away, however it is the way things have to be. I really hope I am able to come home in time to spend Valentine's Day with her. Valentine's Day has never been one of my favorite holidays, yet when you have children you learn to look forward to every holiday. It is so much fun for them. We bought Peyton's Valentine cards for her class before I left so she would have them. I may have made the mistake by not helping her to fill them out. I hope she remembers all the children in her class! I may have to call some family to help her with it!
Today has been really good. I have spent most of the day reading a new book I purchased, written by Bill Hunt. It is called "The Last Witness From a Dirt Road". So far it has proven to be an incredible read. It has by far accomplished lifting me from this hospital room and setting me down right into the sugar plantations of Louisiana in 1946. Any book that can give me an escape from this place is a good book to me!!!
I took a short nap after lunch and then walked down to Starbucks. My addiction to that place is so unsettling.
I have seen many doctors today. All with fairly good reports. Other than the whole usual spill of the usual. Day two and I am already longing for home. Hopefully this trip will be a short one!!!