Friday, February 13, 2009


I am going to be able to go home next week!!! =) =) =)
I am so excited!! Tomorrow, Jason is bringing Peyton to see me!! I can not believe I am going to get to see her!! It has been ten days today since I saw her last. I can not wait to hold her. I absolutely adore that little girl.
I am doing great. My numbers are up and I am feeling back to normal. I am doing the full 14 day stay just so I get cleaned out really well and don't have to worry about coming back anytime soon. Afterall I only came in twice last year and I would really hate to break my record!! =)

My mother came by yesterday and brought her friend Gina. It is always so nice to see someone from home. Sam is going to be stopping by this afternoon on his way through. I miss him and Peyton more every day.
In the end this is all worth it. If I have to take a few weeks every now and then to make sure I have more time with the people I love it is worth every second!!!


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  1. I'm glad you will get to see Peyton! She is an amazing girl. You have done a great job as a mother to her!!
    Take care. We miss you at Epic and can't wait to see you back on the 2nd row where you belong!!!
    Love you!