Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trips and Floors

We took a family trip to Tennessee this past weekend to visit Sam's parents. We do love those trips. We had a chance to visit with his grandmother, Mary, which is always a real treat to me. I am not sure if it is the longing that I have for my grandmother still who has passed away, but something about Mary just fascinates me. I catch myself wanting to hear every thing she has to say. Driving back from Soddy Daisy, where she lives, to Sam's parents home in Chattanooga I literally sat on the edge of my seat taking in every wonderful story she was telling. I love her little quirks and opinions about everything.
Saturday we did a small early birthday celebration for me and Sam's father. Peyton became very ill and had to go to bed. Her fever spiked to about 102.7. I was so worried. She stayed home from school until today. She is now feeling a lot better, mostly just coughing some.

Sam had to go out of town this week. He left on Tuesday and will not be returning until Friday. I do miss him so. We had decided to lay new hardwood floor in the bedroom so he pulled up the carpet before he left. Now I am left in a bit of a mess and sleeping in the guest bed has not proven to be satisfactory with my back. I am I am praying that the man comes today to finish the floor. During these past few days I have realized how much of a sanctuary my bedroom has been to me. I must not take it for granted after this!

I hope all is well with everyone. I will try to post a new update soon on the GREAT STRIDES walk!!


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