Monday, June 8, 2009

The Boro

I love floating around the pool on a hot summer day. It makes me so happy.

We are packing and getting ready to leave this afternoon for Murfreesboro, Tennessee. That is where most of Sam's friends live. He is playing a show tomorrow night at the Coconut Bay. It should be fun. I usually sit at a table and sip on water all night, while everyone else drinks heavily and gets silly. Ha ha. They are all really great people though and we hate we do not get to see them more often!!This is an old picture of me...well a few years ago at least. But it seemed fitting for the rant I am about to give that I would like to insert mini title...."For the Love of Steroids" =)

On a health note...gah I HATE talking about being sick!! I am not sick right now! Yay! But...yeah there is always a but. I am tight in my chest and wheezing. I am having asthma symptoms. I told the resident last time I was in (and my Dr.) about all of this. They just increased my Advair. I really think I need a pack of steroids. I took steroids last summer for the first time in years!! It isn't something I like doing. So you know if I am ASKING to take them, then I really feel like I need them. It is just a pack and it only lasts for like five to six days. I felt so much better last summer when I took them. That may just be the fix I need again. So I am giving myself until Wednesday, and if nothing better, then I am going to call the clinic and have them call them in.

It is so funny how when you are sick you almost become good at it?!? Like I am a professional sick person. I am a lot of other things as well. And Cystic Fibrosis is just a small part of my life, but when I get sick, or start feeling bad, it is like I know what meds to prescribe myself. I have been doing this for so long and I know my body so well by this point that I know what works and what doesn't. It is really crazy.

How blessed am I??? Is she not breathtaking!!! Gah I love this kid!

Life is good though. Peyton is gone to the beach with my aunt and uncle. I miss her so much!!! She will be back on Thursday. Then on Friday we leave back out again for Tennessee!!! I love being out of town though. It is so fun to see other places...even if they aren't far. I use to want to travel the world and as I would love to still do so one day, I came to realize that there are places right here around me that I have yet to even see!!! So I want to see those before I move farther out on the map! =)

Epic yesterday was so amazing!! Our pastor told the story about Ester. I love hearing those stories. He has such a way to make them come to life for me. God's presence is by far in that place. I always leave feeling like a new person......and most importantly loved.

God is so amazing. To Him I give complete and total glory to the blessings that have been delivered upon me during my journey. It's like blowing an FEV1 of 27% but never needing oxygen and being able to run laps!!! Only in the hospital twice last year!! WOW!! God is clearly at work in my life. He is not finished with me yet!!! I have to thank Him for today and every day here after. On most days I truly feel like a walking miracle!!!! =)

I am going to post some pictures simply because I LOVE blog with pictures!!!

I hope everyone is well and happy!!
Love you all!! =)


  1. I hope your wheezing gets better! This is the first time I've been on steroids (high-dose) since my transplant (except for rejection). I've been wheezing a lot the last few months, and no one ever did anything about it until i had a coughing spasm for 8 hours and chest ct i totally feel where you are coming from!! And yes....we do know our bodies well enough, that we know what works and doesn't work! I'ts hard convincing the transplant team of that....i think they finally listened this time! I'm so glad you are doing well otherwise though! Peyton is so precious....and you look SO SO good too!!

  2. I hate wheezing!!! And it is so true that we know our bodies better than anybody else. I can always tell what I need or if what they give me is going to work. Sometimes you just KNOW.

    Glad that you are out of "Club Med" and doing good. Hope the wheezy's go away soon and that you stay feeling good for the rest of the summer.