Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tennessee Again

Right before we left to go the show!!

I am having a difficult time with this blog. I have been trying to use it as a daily journal of sorts, however I am a writer. I simply cannot write as if I am speaking. So therefore, from now on I have decided with a few exceptions of updates on our trips and whatnot s, I am going to be using this blog in the same way I have ever used any an outlet. So here is a bit about our trip we just took. Check back often for new writings of mine to be posted. =)

Me and Houston (Josh's Brother)

Lately we find ourselves in Tennessee a very good bit. Which is fine with me. In my opinion, there is nothing better than fresh mountain air. This trip was made because Sam played at the Coconut Bay again. For those of you who are not aware, my husband, Sam, is a DJ. He started played around nine years ago I believe. Of course this is not his job. He actually works in Neurology for a company called Drs4Drs. Being a DJ is just something he does in his spare time. The music he plays would be listed as Techno. While it is not my favorite music to listen to, he has won me over with several Bob Marley remixes. =)
Sam and Andy, one of his really long time friends. They cheered together at United.

We left on Monday unsure of where exactly we were going to stay for the night. We were torn between getting a hotel room and staying with Sam's friends. They too are also DJs. We decided on staying with a friend after all, Josh, to be exact. Monday night we went to the local Mellow Mushroom to hang out with several friends. I, myself, fell in love with the Hummus they serve there. Who would have ever known that a Greek favorite would have been so delicious in a pizza place!?!? It was FABULOUS!! I even ordered some to go!!!
Josh(Str8 A) The Grill Master himself!! =)

Tuesday was the day of the show, so as always, it proves to be a busy day for us. We ran several errands, which seemed to end up taking most of the day. We were all anticipating Tuesday night so it was fine to kill the time. Tuesday night we all met up at Josh's house and grilled out with a lot of friends, actually several new people to me. The food was incredible. I have to completely give credit to Josh for knowing how to "work the grill".
Chas(with his eyes closed!), Me, Houston, Holly and BJ

After dinner we all headed out to "the Bay" or Coconut Bay. The opening DJ was a woman named Gina. She played mostly hip hop. Sam's set was next. (His DJ name is Omni.) His entire set was Deadmau5. I was really glad he picked those. They sound great turned up loud. Then Josh(Str8 A) went on and finally Kyle (K House) played. At midnight when Kyle finished his set, they asked Sam to go back on, which was really really cool. Sam as "Omni"

Kyle as K House =)

The crowd loving it!!! (This wasn't even half of them!!)

I had a really great time. It was outside on the patio so that was better for me, since EVERYONE was smoking. I don't drink, with the exception of an occasional glass of red wine. So it is always interesting for me to be sober and watch everyone else around me not be. Sam drinks scotch, but not heavily. So it is always like we are in a twilight zone when we are around a large crowd that is completely wasted. Ha ha. But we do enjoy it. Close to the end of the night I realized there was more than drinking going on. There were several people there that were rolling. Which just blew me away!! Coconut Bay is a restaurant/bar type of place. I just never imagined seeing people on ecstasy there. It is really disheartening for us. The techno scene, because of the history of raves, has a really really negative reputation. A reputation that we hate. Everyone thinks because my husband listens to Techno then he MUST do acid and all of those other crazy things. While Sam did have a time of experimentation he is now a man of God. I really believe God is leading him slowly to do a ministry through his talent. It is such a huge chance for him to be able to tell his story with drug addiction and possibly help others in the scene as well. He actually signed with a manager a week ago!! Very exciting!! His manager is our Youth Pastor at our church. However you may not believe that when you see him. He is a giant man, no hair, covered in tattoos and has a "metal" beard. Ha ha. He is pretty awesome. He has been working in promotion for a really long time. I am really excited about him promoting Sam to regular venues and also Christian ones as well!!! This could be Sam's calling!! =)
Sam ha ha ha dancing of course!

Oh me, I do believe I have been rambling!! We ended up skipping the after party and staying with Kyle Tuesday night and returned home yesterday!!!

Tuesday night turned out to be a true success for the guys. The best part about it is, Kyle and Sam learned together years ago, and Josh followed in a few years later. They all three cheered together at some point and are truly best friends. This was their very first time to play out live together!! So it was really special! The crowd was loving it! I really believe it is because these guys have such great chemistry together and are friends off of the stage. It really makes a difference!! All three...Josh(Str8A), Kyle(K House) and Sam(Omni)

I am posting up some pictures and then I have to run! We are also heading into Tennessee again this weekend for Sam's family reunion!! I CANNOT wait!! I LOVE his family! I will post pictures when we get back from that as well! I hope everyone is well!! Remember to check back for original writings!!!
Me at the end of the night!! It was sooo incredibly hot!!!!!
Love you all!! =)

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time! I didn't know Sam was a DJ. Do you think he would be interested in playing at a cf event maybe....or possibly at one of our GS walks next year? We are always looking for singer, DJ, some sort of music, and preferably free (but you get a lot of PR by doing it)...and free food, etc.