Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkins and Life

It is that time of year once again. The air is cooler and everything that was once green is now beginning to turn beautiful tones of reds, yellows and oranges. This is by far Sam's favorite time of the year. We have all of the Halloween decorations up and ready. I must say, we have more Halloween decorations than any other family I know. This year we pulled 3 giant plastic tubs and four big boxes out of storage, as well as Sam's favorite, his black Christmas tree with a skull base. Yes Halloween is near. We usually celebrate this time of year with several trips to haunted houses. The rain has held us up quite a bit however we plan on venturing out this weekend, rain or not. The rain has put a damper on our holiday cheer. I know I talk of Halloween like it is Christmas. You must understand to my husband, it is exactly like that, if not better. He absolutely adores Halloween. We definitely take it a step further than the typical family. I must say, it does feel somewhat like I am a member of the Addams family at times. It is all in good fun though.

I do wish the rain would stop. I have just about made the decision to build an ark. Our yard is a mess and I don't even know when we will be able to cut the grass again. At this rate, not anytime soon. Of course since the weather has been nasty, it is soccer season. Those usually fall together. Peyton is playing her second year. She loves it so much. I never realized she was going to be a little athlete. She is so good and is one of the fastest runners on her team. She scored the first goal of the first game of the season this year. She did the same thing last year. At her last game, I asked her to help carry our folding chairs. After she strapped one over her shoulder I realized how small she looked, so I offered to carry them both. She looked at me and said, "Mom, I can handle it, I am a soccer player, not a ballerina." Haha I love her so much.

The month of October leaves us many things to celebrate. Our one year anniversary is on October 25th. It is so exciting to know it is right around the corner!! I completely and totally adore Sam more now than I did on the day I married him. The two of us work so well together. We have built our marriage around the foundation of God's word and that helps so much. We both firmly believe that when we were married we were joined together as one flesh. We do have struggles from time to time however we work together daily as a team. It is more evident now than it has ever been that he is who I dreamed of as a little girl. Some days, I wake up and look at the life I am living and think to myself, how did I ever get so lucky? God truly saw fit to bless me immensely.

We are leaving November 1st for Severville, Tn. We are staying in the exact same cabin we stayed in last year for our honeymoon. We will be gone 7 days and six nights.Our cabin is located on the peak of a mountain with a breathtaking view. We are both like kids on Christmas morning...counting down the days. We CANNOT wait!!!! I will be sure to post up pictures.

We have been so blessed these past few months. God has by far been at work in our lives and we are so thankful. Life is good. =)

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