Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The New Year =)

Okay first.....I am neglecting my blog. I realize that. However when the choice is to neglect my blog, or neglect my life, sorry, but the blog is going to lose every time. I have big plans for my writing and hopefully one day will find more time to put more energy into it. As of right now being busy in life is just fine with me. I always say I would rather be busy than not. That is always true, I would rather have a life to live than not.

So updates.......

Sam has been home a lot=ME VERY HAPPY! =) Sam is on salary pay so it is really a good thing, since he has only been working about two days a week. He has been studying for his exam in February. He is trying to get registered in NCV. So please be praying for him. For those of you who do not know what Sam does, he works in Neurology. He is a Neurodiagnostics Tech. Basically he tests people for nerve damage. He is working on his VNG registry now and is pretty much registered, just waiting on the certificate to come in the mail. Those of you who know Sam, know how huge of an accomplishment all of this is. We will definitely be framing his registry certificates. =)

Christmas came and Christmas went. We had a really great Christmas, as usual. I am still in the process of pulling decorations down. Finally got the tree down last night, so we are in the home stretch now. Sam and I joined a gym, how cliche' of us, right?? Well this was different. Even though we joined during the new year(which the purpose was to get a better rate), this is NOT a new year resolution in any way. Before I met Sam I was a member of a gym and worked out no less than three days a week. I ate organic ONLY (no exceptions!) and took extremely great care of my body. Sam did the same minus the organic. Since Sam was a cheerleader he was very obsessed with body building and weight lifting. However when we fell in love, I guess you could say, we ditched the whole health thing. Not sure why. I do remember the first time Sam brought frozen pizzas over to my apartment and stuck them in my freezer though. I thought I was going to have a panic attack!! =) Sam is currently cutting weight and doing a great job at it. I, however, am not cutting weight. Due to my small size anyway, and the problems I have with my health, trying to lose weight would not be in my best interest. So I am lifting weights like a mad woman. We switch, legs and arms, every other day. It has been incredible thus far. Our first day to the gym was like slipping into an old skin for me. I love everything about the gym, the people, the atmosphere, and the energy. We have been spending about two hours a day there. We decided we would go EVERY day for four weeks and then start skipping one day on the weekend.

My motivation. My motivation is about 4 1/2 feet high, blond, green eyes and is in the third grade. That is the reason I work out. I work out to live. It isn't because the media tells me I should look a certain way but just simply because I think waking up in the morning would be pretty cool and I want to make sure I do it. =) I know I push myself sometimes beyond my limit. When I feel like I am reaching my limit but want to go further, I just simply make a new limit for myself. Sam is truly the heart of my health. There is no better way to describe him. He knows when I am out of breath before I do. He coaches me, pushing me to do more sets when I am tired, walking my my machine adding weight to what I am already lifting, only to help make me stronger. It is almost as if I feel that I am preparing for a battle. My body has to be in the best shape it can be, so when I get sick, I am able to fight off infection that much easier. Three things that truly make me love Sam more than anything else.
1. He loves Peyton like she is his.
2. He worships with me, not only on Sunday, but on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday AND Saturday.
3. He pushes me when I want to quit.

I will try to post updates on the gym as well as my lung function when I can. As of right now I have not been in the hospital since AUGUST!! YAY GOD!!! How amazing is He!?!?

In other news, I have a piece of art that may just be the best piece I have ever done that is UNFINISHED. It is pretty much all I think about. We moved Pey's room over the holidays and eliminated the play room since she no longer has any use for it. We now have an art room or studio, whichever you would like to call it. My painting is in there calling my name. I have never poured myself into one piece so much. I wouldn't really call it a is more just a piece of art. I will post pictures as soon as it is finished and you will know what I am talking about. The only way I can describe the experience is this......I am 26 years old, I have been painting since I was 12, constantly switching styles, from abstract, to still life, to different mediums, I have done just about everything and it just now feels like I finally found myself in my art. I found a technique that works for me. Something that people will be able to look at my pieces and say that is a Summer Welch piece. So I am very excited about it. I have thought about furthering my education and going to college for art. After all my plans had always been to go to an art school in New York, well until, my "motivation" came along. Haha Which I would NEVER change for the world. I know the New York thing is out of the question now, but it still appeals to me to learn techniques. That is really where my craft lacks. I have the ability but not the tools, if that makes sense. Maybe this year will bring new things to my door. Who knows. Maybe I will go back to school. If for nothing else but for the sake of learning. Oh how I do love to learn.

Okay that is all for now folks. If you have read this far then thank you. I am still currently working on my book for those of you who are wondering. It has turned into a God thing for me. I am now on His time line, not mine. When He wants me to write He gives me the words. So it isn't anything I can rush. I will try to post some excerpts from it soon.

I love you all and hope 2010 proves to be an astounding year for each of you!!

Peace, Love and all of that hippie jive. =)

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